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About Us

Just Got Snacked was created in January 2020, we launched officially only in May During lockdown. We sell your easy to get American snacks as well as the rare ones. We source rare American, European, Austrian snacks and much more! Our aim is to send you a box of exclusive snacks you may not have seen before & to keep researching to find the best snacks for our customers!

We offer not only snacks but also Pic N Mix in different styles giving Pic N mix a new level! We deliver all over the UK & Ireland. locally we sell Pic N Mix boxes & platters & online we sell Pic N mix pouches. There is a variation to suit everyone!

We also do boxes such as Reese’s, Hershey, Retro & much more. If you love a product we do not stock drop us a message and we will do our best to sort it for you!

Love From Just Got Snacked x